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LLC Ukrpol-2005 is a young agro-industrial company, which is one of the leading enterprises of the production of high-quality poultry farming products on the territory of Ternopil region. The company includes three specialized poultry complexes which are Meteniv, Slavna and Futory.

The main role in the production process is given to the technological department that controls the whole cycle of growing the industrial broiler from plantation to slaughter. The staff of this department is led by people with many years of experience, headed by chief technology officer and chief veterinarian. The main feeding base is a specialized plant for the production of various types of feed from start to finish. Funds are built into the introduction of a feed granulation mechanism and the establishment of own extruders in the company's budget for 2017-2018 ... read more →

Production cycle

... Ukraine will reduce the production of wheat and barley

Ukraine will reduce the production of wheat and barley

The next season, Ukraine will reduce the production of wheat and barley, which will reduce the export of these crops - predicts the main agronomist of LLC Ukrpol 2005.

According to the specialists...
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... World grain production will go down

World grain production will go down

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... New sort of wheat

New sort of wheat

A group of European researchers has developed a new sort of wheat, the use of which in mixed fodders for poultry will reduce the need for feed additives.
The work was organized by scientists from the ...
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LLC Ukrpol-2005 provides transportation services for the carriage of various types of cargo both to legal entities and individuals. The company has a large fleet of cars: Renault Magnum, DAF, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Kamaz, Maz. These models perfectly proved their reliability during the carriage of goods on roads of various complexity. Integration of modern methods of work can automate a multitude of processes, increasing the speed of service delivery ... Read more

To ensure minimum losses and high quality grains, grain and legumes should be collected in short time. For grain crops the best agrotechnical harvesting time is 3 days from the moment of full ripeness, then the loss of grain increases, its quality deteriorates ... Read more

Modern broiler growing techniques are constantly developing. They are called to saturate the world market with high quality, relatively cheap and useful products. Breeders are constantly getting new crosses and hybrids that have the best characteristics compared to chickens of pure breed. In this case, the productivity of the poultry is defined as the ratio of spent feed to the growth of a kilogram of meat. In this regard, the first place in the meat direction is strongly kept by broilers ... Read more


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