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About us

"Only that entrepreneur is worth of something and will have success in his activities, who understands the needs of the territorial community, who, combining entrepreneurial activity, solves its problems.

In such relations of communities he will always go towards in the solution of production issues, in the implementation of industrial and economic reforms.

To overcome difficulties with the community is always easier, always more effective"

Director of LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ Uniat A.V.

LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ is a young agro-industrial company, which is one of the leading enterprises of the production of high-quality poultry farming products on the territory of Ternopil region. The company includes three specialized poultry complexes which are Meteniv, Slavna and Futory.

The poultry complexes are equipped with an automated feed system, ventilation, temperature control and video surveillance. The structure of the community's management includes the technology department, the technical department, the agrarian department, the accounting department, the construction and public welfare department and the transit traffic service.

The main role in the production process is given to the technological department that controls the whole cycle of growing the industrial broiler from plantation to slaughter.

He staff of this department is led by people with many years of experience, headed by chief technology officer and chief veterinarian. The main feeding base is a specialized plant for the production of various types of feed ‘from start to finish’. Funds are built into the introduction of a feed granulation mechanism and the establishment of own extruders in the company's budget for 2017-2018.

The land bank of the company is 750 hectares. The main part of the land is under the seeds of corn, wheat and soybeans. Nowadays active work of the agrarian department is in the direction of increasing the sowing area, as production capacity requires.

Strategic development plan is confirmed at the enterprise from 2014.

Within the scope of optimization and implementation of priority areas of production, full modernization of production, equipment of poultry farms with modern automated equipment and reconstruction of old buildings has started. The installation of new equipment made it possible to improve the keeping conditions of chickens, to reduce feed conversion, and to increase the volume of poultry meat production.

LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ - is a young team of like-minded people in the field of poultry farming and agrarian business.
We are actively developing, conducting experimental research both in laboratory and field conditions, exchanging experience with European companies and constantly attracting promising young people in production processes. You will find a reliable partner in the person of LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’!