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Broiler growing

Modern broiler growing techniques are constantly developing. They are called to saturate the world market with high quality, relatively cheap and useful products.

Breeders are constantly getting new crosses and hybrids that have the best characteristics compared to chickens of pure breed. In this case, the productivity of the poultry is defined as the ratio of spent feed to the growth of a kilogram of meat. In this regard, the first place in the meat direction is strongly kept by broilers.

LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ applies a balanced approach to genetic improvement of products. Such commercially important indicators as growth, assimilation, preservation and increase of live weight are improved simultaneously with such characteristics as strength of the legs, cardiovascular and general health of the bird. The achievement of the genetic potential, which is laid down in the bird, depends on the following elements:

All these components are interdependent. Failure to do one of the elements will reduce broiler productivity.

Economic and commercial purposes of production have a major impact on broiler technology:

As the system of broiler production becomes more complex, production management requires faster response and more precise production indices.

The process of growing broilers is only one phase of an integrated chicken meat production process. It includes production of parental livestock, incubators, broiler farms, processing enterprises, trade organizations and buyers.

The purpose of the head of broiler production is to achieve the necessary results of live weight, feed conversion, homogeneity and output of meat. The first two weeks of a broiler herd's life are critical and require special attention. Chicken processing, young growth technology are the most important issues. Broiler production has a consistent process in which productivity depends on the successful completion of each stage of this process. For maximum results it is necessary to critically assess each stage and, if necessary, make technological adjustments.

The complexity of broiler production means that herd managers need to have a clear understanding of the factors that can affect the entire production process, as well as the factors affecting the technology of broiler growing. Perhaps changes are needed in the incubator, in the broiler farm, in the process of transportation or in the processing shop. In the process of broiler production, there are several stages of development of poultry. The incubator works with an incubation egg and twenty-four hour chicks. Broiler farm works with chicks and growing bird. The processing shop works with broilers and carcass. There is the transition phase between all stages. The main transitional phases in broiler production are as follows:

The technology department of the LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ in the technology of growing of industrial broiler follows the next principles:

There are no two identical poultry houses, and each herd of broilers in the same poultry house will have different needs. The broiler production manager must understand the needs of the poultry and, using the rapid reaction technique as described in this manual, should meet the individual needs of each bird to ensure the productivity of each herd.