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Growing of grain crops

The leading place in the agro-industrial complex LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ is the grain-industrial complex. It brings combines the branches that are involved in the production of grains, their harvesting and processing.

The main sowing crops are wheat, corn, and soybeans.

The technology of processing agricultural crops LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005"’ is a set of methods aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for plant growth and development. The technological complex includes the means that are used from the time of the cultivation of the soil and up to harvesting inclusive. These include basic and presowing tillage, fertilizing, seed preparation, sowing, cropping, crop care associated with maintaining the optimal agro-physical state of the soil (spreading crops) and plant protection from weeds, pests and diseases.

The starting point in developing the technology of cultivating crops is the agroecological requirements of crops and variety to the conditions of growth. A consistent study of the factors, which reduce the yield of the crop and the quality of the produce, allows us to form the most optimal cultivation technology for the specific conditions of the farm.


Creation of the most favorable conditions for germination of plants is based on the material resources of the farm, its economic efficiency and production experience.

All technological methods for cultivating crops in the concept of LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ are closely interwoven with other parts of the agricultural system: soil cultivation, fertilization, plant protection and are developed taking into account the requirements of culture and reproduction of soil fertility.

Various variants of technologies are being developed annually by the agrarian department of LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ for different supply of the farm with productive resources (agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, etc.).

Intensive technologies are fundamentally different from the traditional set of technical, agrochemical, biological means. These technologies include not only ensuring the optimal level of mineral nutrition of plants and the appropriate protection against weeds, diseases and pests, but also qualitatively different methods of pre-planting soil treatment using special cropping machines at the same depth, the use of precision seeding machines, crop care with using spraying, harvesting by technical equipment with high-performance.

At the multi-component level of the economy, LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ uses a differentiated approach to crop growing technologies depending on various forms of labor organization. The peculiarities of these technologies are the selection of varieties with the terms of sowing and harvesting, reducing the field work tension, combining technological techniques for soil cultivation, fertilizing, pesticides, sowing, etc.