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Production of mixed fodder

In the process of growing an industrial broiler, a large role is played by a diet. Fodder for chickens is a product in which the nutrients that are easily digestible by the body of the bird are added - grain, wheat feed, calcium carbonate, sunflower oil, fats, salt, various vitamins. As a rule, the nutritional value of such products is: 15-18% of proteins, 3-5% of fats, 4-6% of dietary fiber.

Fodder for chickens should be nutritiously valuable, that is, contain in the required amount of protein and mineral supplements and biologically active substances - antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements. If there is no energy value in the feed, this will affect the low productivity of the poultry. LLC Ukrpol-2005 offers consumers a wide choice of full-fodder mixed fodders and concentrates on the basis of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our products are set for all types of farm animals and are characterized by optimal balance, high quality and safety.

The main components, which contain feed for poultry, include:

Fodder for chickens plays an important role for their formation and development. At the same time there are special recipes of full-value ration for each physiological group, which are calculated to obtain the maximum average daily increase. Nutrients that are added in the diet include the necessary minerals, vitamins, biologically active substances, which are calculated according to the needs and characteristics of the growing organism.

Production of mixed fodder LLC Ukrpol-2005 is based on the technology that is approved for each particular type of product. The process is carried out strictly in accordance with the feed formula, with the use of automated production, which allows you to prepare feeds that contain a large number of components in different proportions. Products are produced by scattering or in granules.

LLC Ukrpol-2005 offers favorable conditions for cooperation: