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  • Novelties of the poultry industry

    Saturation of the market can provoke a lull in the field of equipment development. Most experts agree that in recent years there has been no global change in the industry. If any new model appeared, then it represented only the advanced equipment of the previous series.

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  • EU fodder industry shows growing interest in food product processing

    Food products that were in circulation but no longer fit for human consumption may in the future become an important source of a number of trace elements for the feed industry, but its security is still quite acute. The corresponding position was voiced in the framework of the recent meeting of the European Association of Food Processors (EFFPA) recently held in Brussels.

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  • Ecology of broiler growing

    Business 09/07/2016
    Ecology of broiler growing

    In EU countries, consumers do not want to eat bird, grown in inhuman ways in accordance with their thoughts. According to Albert Davlev, from the point of view of industrial poultry farming it is nonsense, because the chicken, having a ‘range of communication’ within a radius of about 10 meters, do not want to leave poultry houses, where systems of automatic feeding and drinking are installed.

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  • Belarus restricted import of poultry products from four EU countries

    According to the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, temporary restrictions on the import of poultry products from the Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark and Switzerland were introduced after outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in their regions.

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  • LLC "Ukrpol-2005": Broiler production will grow in the first quarter of 2017

    Preliminary data on the production of broilers were slightly lower in December than was previously predicted, which gives the reason to assume that the production assessment will be reduced in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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  • Mixed fodder industry in China becomes more complicated

    According to the chief technology officer of LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’, mixed fodder manufacturers in China are now under the influence of a number of factors, including the increase of legislative regulation in the field of food safety, as well as increased integration between industry and innovative technologies.

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  • Agrarians were allowed to mix grain and changed the calculation of land valuation

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine held a ‘deregulation day’, which resulted in the abolition of 367 obsolete restrictive regulations. It includes simplified conditions for the work of farmers.

    This was reported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

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  • Advanced technology of bird growing

    Technologies 12/18/2016
    Advanced technology of bird growing

    The production of broiler meat in Ukraine is in an ambiguous situation. On the one hand, in recent years the industry has shown significant growth, but growing competition and difficult economic conditions put manufacturers in front of a choice: to modernize production for a lot of money or slowly fall down.

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  • Poland remains the leading producer of poultry in the EU

    Poland remains the largest producer of poultry in the European Union. The total amount of poultry meat production in the country, according to preliminary assessments, increased by 15% in 2016 compared with 2015 - writes Meatinfo
    The growth of poultry production is boosted by the growth of consumption and exports. Although most of the poultry meat exports are destined for the domestic market of the EU, the Polish government is trying to open new markets, including the right to export to the United States.

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  • Export of Ukrainian meat increased by 23%

    According to the results of 2016, the export of meat of all kinds and sub-products from Ukraine increased by 23% compared to 2015, reports the analytical department of the Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB).

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  • The cycle of of broiler chicken growing at LLC ‘Ukrpol – 2005’

    The cycle of chicken broilers growing at LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’ consists of several stages before getting to the consumer's table.

    The first stage is an incubator, where during the 21st day eggs are incubated. After this process, there are massive chickens, where they are sorted and weak and lacking vitality are discarded.

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  • New sort of wheat

    Technologies 04/19/2017
    New sort of wheat

    A group of European researchers has developed a new sort of wheat, the use of which in mixed fodders for poultry will reduce the need for feed additives.
    The work was organized by scientists from the universities of Nottingham Trent (England) and Aarhus (Denmark). In Denmark a new wheat variety was developed, and in England practical tests were carried out.

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  • Ukraine will reduce the production of wheat and barley

    The next season, Ukraine will reduce the production of wheat and barley, which will reduce the export of these crops - predicts the main agronomist of LLC ‘Ukrpol – 2005’.

    According to the specialists of the LLC ‘Ukrpol-2005’, gross harvesting of wheat will decrease to 23.9 million tons, by 11% compared to the current season, as the reduction of areas under winter wheat does not compensate the widening of areas under the spring wheat.

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